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Jan Phillips has been an activist since she left the convent in 1969. She made a global peace pilgrimage through 23 countries from 1983-84 which culminated in the book, Making Peace—One Woman’s Journey Around the World. Since then she has written ten more award-winning books that connect the dots between creativity, social consciousness and spiritual intelligence. Visit >>Jan is co-founder of Syracuse Cultural Workers which has been publishing and distributing artwork for global justice since 1983. She performed with Pete Seeger to raise $35,000 for Haiti earthquake victims and worked for Mother Teresa in Calcutta and Kathmandu. She leads retreats and workshops throughout the US and Canada.

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Art & Activism Award Winners

Livingkindness Foundation gives one scholarship a year to the International Women’s Writing Guild week-long summer conference at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA. The scholarships are provided to women of color as part of our commitment to foster diversity and counter the impact of racism in our society.

Congratulations to our two scholarship winners for the International Women’s Writing Guild Summer Conference in July 2023.

Sarah Martin and Pamela Harris

Sarah Martin is a writer, speaker and social justice advocate who works with Black, Indigenous and people of color communities on environmental justice issues. She received the 2022 Young Black Climate Healers Youth Futures Fund Award.

Pamela Harris: “My nephew AJ was living in Florida when he was shot to death in September 2015; while trying to verbally reprimand a stranger who was being verbally abusive to a young lady.  AJ was just 21 years young. His dad who is my brother has been trying to cope as best he knows how. I wrote a song in memory of AJ as well as all the other victims of senseless gun violence.  The song which can be found here on YouTube is entitled “OK, Killing is Not OK” by Crazy Nana and Her Crew.  The song is designed to help survivors heal.”

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