Play this video to watch Jan Phillips talk about the Livingkindness Foundation and our work in Nigeria.

Livingkindness  is a global network of activists and grassroots philanthropists (small scale financial contributions leading to big scale social changes) transforming creative potential into compassionate action.  We are facilitating global evolutionary paradigms shifts by co-creating with others, fusing spiritual practice to creative work, and initiating circles of conscious creativity in our local communities.

Interested in Our Women’s Voices, Women’s Vision Symposium?

Do you want to make a difference but don’t know where or how? Do you wish you knew how to tap into your power and put it to good use? Are you ready to be inspired by the stories, the talents, the creations of women who are rocking the world?

Do you want to improve your creative skills? Are you ready to succeed, to have an audience, to shine your light? Do you want to hear how women are turning their lives into a living and fusing their creativity with their social commitments? Do you want to become an evolutionary creator, a visionary artist, an inspiring leader? if so, you should come.

Women’s Voices, Women’s Vision is an event for any woman who is ready to touch into her creative potential and turn it into power. It is for women who are ready to transform their experience into shapes that can be of use—into stories, poems, music, videos, blogs, artwork—so others can benefit from the wisdom they’ve acquired.

This event is a happening where the heart and brain are re-united, where thoughts dance with music and stories walk on stilts. It is designed to stimulate the senses, spark the imagination, ignite neural networks. It is a sacred ceremony where hope marries action and words become flesh.

It is a seedbed where life-changing ideas get fertilized and cultivated; where profound presentations are punctuated by poetry and music; where women who have earned the culture’s highest honors stand before us to share their light.

It is a hotbed of diversity where millennials and menopausals circle together, where pondering as a group heightens all our thoughts, where women tell stories of how the world’s been changed because they didn’t give up.

      This event will rock your world, alter your mind, energize your life. That’s why we’re going. That’s why we’re inviting you. And that’s why you should come! Join Jan’s mailing list to stay in the loop for this amazing event.

June 4-7, 2015 Skidmore College,

Saratoga Springs, NY;

The Livingkindness Foundation is a 501(c)3 charitable foundation established to provide leadership programs for women, to foster programs that encourage art and activism, and to improve educational opportunities for girls in Nigeria.

This is the Learning Centre that Livingkindness is building in Nigeria...